Brakes -- Safety Tips

These Honda F4 calipers have no cotter pins to prevent the brake pad retainer bolts from falling out if they were to come loose! 

Race organizations require the caliper bolts to be safety wired... but these smaller bolts are far more likely to loosen. Every bike is different, I recommend that you check yours out and if there are no cotter pins, Please Safety Wire Them !!  

The white arrows point to the spots to drill through the both the caliper and bolt at the same time so they can be safety wired.

At the very least  use a bead of orange silicone on the head of the bolt. Anything to prevent the bolts from backing out.

The green X's mark the pad retainer spring. These are for street riding, they keep the brake pads from squealing. On the race track they trap heat and brake dust, which prevents the caliper pistons from retracting properly. 

After you take these out your brakes will run cooler and your bike will accelerate better with less brake drag!