How To Remove Damaged Rounded Out Allen Bolts.

This rotor is badly warped, the X marks the bad spot. With 1/2 hour to go before the race, 5 of the allen bolts came out o.k., but the last one started to "round out"...

Once these soft bolts get rounded there's no easy way to get them out...

It's a scary situation.

The trick is to know when to use this trick....
Before it gets really bad !!

You need to use a center punch to tighten up the fit between the allen wrench and the bolt. 

Here the punch marks have pushed the flats of the bolt inward so that the wrench has no extra play.

Once the allen key fits tightly, 2 people are necessary. One to hit the punch in a counter clockwise (loosen) direction, while the other turns the allen key.

~ Disaster Averted ~

Just don't re-use the bolt ! 

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