Dynamic Aerodynamics !

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Welcome GM Engineers !
I've learned a lot about winning motorcycle races by studying the best ideas in GM and Ford engineering, so I'm proud that you're interested in putting Mototune power concepts back into creating better GM cars ! 


.This is How New Ideas Get Created !

What's Wrong With Eric's Superbike ??
It's another common power problem that won't show up on a dyno.

The 3 factors to achieving speed that are usually considered: 
1) Static (Dyno) Power

Ram Air Effect

3) Aerodynamics

But, if you want to solve this power problem you need to think about what happens when the bike is actually moving. 

After all, motion is what motorcycles are all about, right ?

Static dyno & wind tunnel testing only gives us 
small picture 
of what's actually happening on the racetrack !!  

At first, the problem's 
not easy to see...
But, once you learn what to look for, 
notice it everywhere !!

My 3 Factors To Achieving Outrageous Speed Are What I Call:

1) Dynamic Acceleration,  2) Dynamic Aerodynamics  &  3) Dynamic Horsepower

In other words:
You must
always think about the bike.... in motion !!

Maybe you can spot the problem easier when you can compare 2 bikes... 

The Spare Bike

This One's Not Perfect...

The Race Bike

This One's Definitely Bad !
Maybe Wild Billy Was Here  ... ?

Split Image Photography !!

Yes, it's hard on the brain & eyes !!

... but, now you can
easily see it !!

 The bike on the left's exhaust is pointing exactly straight back, while the bike on the right's exhaust is turned about 10 degrees out to the right !

Although the one on the left is better, it's still not in the best position !!

So... What's The Problem ???

As you'll remember from the 
"Harley Will Win" article, I showed that one of their problems was that the pipes point the exhaust gasses upwards which ruins the aerodynamics of the bike.

This is an example of
Dynamic Aerodynamics

The Harley's aerodynamic "shape" becomes completely different once the engine is running and the bike is on the racetrack !

Be Sure To Read The 
"Harley Will Win"
At The Bottom Of This Page ! 
It'll Help You To Understand The
Kawasaki Problem Better !

There is no diagnostic tool that could have revealed these problems !

That's Why You Have To Use Your Imagination, And...


The exhaust should always flow with the teardrop aerodynamic form. 

Otherwise, the
Dynamic (actual) Aerodynamics are ruined ! 

The Harley's exhaust gasses are pointing way up. 
Kawasaki's exhaust gasses are pointing way off to the side.

It's interesting to note that these 2 bikes are often criticized in the motorcycle media as uncompetitive and having "outdated designs. " 

Both need to pay more attention to Dynamic Aerodynamics !

The Hot Set-Up:
This isn't the best photo, but you can see the idea !

Alan "Schmidtastic" Schmidt shows how Your exhaust pipe should look !

As you turn your head to match
Schmidtastic's Stunning Lean Angle, you can see that he's mounted his exhaust silencer inwards (clockwise) about 5 degrees from straight up and down. 

That's the optimum position, because it points the exhaust towards the center of the teardrop aerodynamic form.

Whether You Race Or Not:

Your Dynamic Aerodynamics will give you better gas mileage & power on the road and on the racetrack.

Now You've Got The Power !!


There's another closely related problem that affects both 
The Kawasaki & The Harley
Now that you can see 2 examples of the problem, it might be easier to figure out. 

You've really got to "think out of the box" to get it !!

Hold on tight, I'll reveal it in the next issue of Power News !!

Have a Cool Day !!

Have a Cool Day !
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