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MotoMan -

I am rebuilding a 93' GSXR 600 engine, asked about break-in procedure on gixxer.com, and your site was suggested. BAMM!! - I AM GLUED TO THE FRIGGIN SCREEN FOR THE NEXT 4 HOURS! I read all 19 articles in one sitting. Interesting info !


Can I please sign up to your free Performance Tuning Newsletter.  I currently reside in Central Queensland Australia and have just bought an R6 and stumbled across your site. Very interesting.


I have been referred to you newsletter by a friend and I have found them
very well done !


Tuner, Skidmark Racing, AFM


I have a Kawa ZX7 RR with kit cams, pistons, rods, Akrapovic.
I wonder what intake porting and ex. porting  I should use ??  I have 140 hp ( Dynojet 150 )
Do you know what the differences on the newest Kawa superbike is ? In Worldsuperbike.. they were so much faster in 2000/2001 than before.
Jon Steinar Vivelid
Racer from Norway

Thanks for subscribing to Power News. I'll be featuring my radical Intake and Exhaust porting technique in the next issue !!

Dear Motoman,

I was very happy with your very good Power News! I told all my friends and as
far as I know they all subscribed !

Best regards,

Man what an awesome website, not only do you produce the best race bikes, 
but you've given the rest of the roadrace community a tough act to follow with this site !!! Well done !!! I raced a ZX7R you built a few years ago (1992) but haven't been racing because of injury . After seeing your site I can feel the competitive juices flowing again . When I get my ducks in a row, you got my business. Thanks again for giving so much to the sport we love . 

- Bruce Coffman

Hi MotoMan !

Thanks for one of the best M/C pages on the web and for
sharing your knowledge with the rest of us amateur MotoHeads.

- Jacques van Rensburg

Hello MotoMan,

I am a very enthusiastic motorcyclist. But know little about mechanics. I truly enjoyed your explanation about a bike's break in. I look forward to further articles.

Do you have any archives to things you wrote before? Thanks for sharing that invaluable information. Very interesting too.

Kind regards.

Hi MotoMan,

 I was passed a link to your page on running a bike hard during break-in, and while it goes against convention, it does make sense! You present the case, the “physiology” behind it, and offer a solution is not only clear and logical, but also backed up by explanation and pictures – real world evidence.  I love it! Regardless of the subject, your methodology is to be congratulated!

 Now, a quick newbie question I hope you don’t mind: I was wondering if you would recommend this same break-in procedure for new cars (particular turbocharged cars like the WRX)? I understand there are significant differences and similarities between motorcycles and cars, but it sounds to me like the same piston ring seal theory applies.  Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, and keep up the good work!

 - Kenneth

Hey Motoman,
  Love your news letter, I just recently discovered it or I should say it discovered me via e-mail. Anyhow I just bought a 2001 Yamaha R-1 and utilized your your throttle runs to break in and seat the rings properly. Already I notice a minor but considerable difference in the throttle response and mid range pick-up over my brother's R-1 who followed the manufacturer's recommendations. Thanks for the more than helpful info. My question is this: I'm getting ready to buy a new Celica GT-S, it has 180hp 1.8 inline 4, with a 7800 rpm redline, I'm wondering if the same technique could be used on the new car? I hate to ask, but your the only person I know that may be able to answer this question. Thanks a million!!!
Chad Wilkinson
I'd love to have a copy of your break-in procedures. I've signed up
for your newsletter, will they come with that, or are they posted
some where else?


Thanks for subscribing !! When the next Power News comes out, you'll find the break in article is included with 15 other Power Packed back issues on the bottom of the page !


What's the good word !
I'm a 21 year old, looking forward to graduating from AMI, I'm interested in
my opportunities after school, or even if I'm making the right choice in going
to AMI. My ambitions are to become a superbike mechanic upon graduation, where
are some good places to open doors for myself to achieve this goal?
Any information you could provide me with will be greatly appreciated..


You put a lot of work in your site. I tell
anyone who likes Sport Bikes about it. What a great site. 


Dear Motoman,

I love reading your newsletters (they are very informative!!)


Hey MotoMan

Just writing to let you know how cool I thought your newsletter is and how
grateful I am that you are nice enough to clue us laymen in on how you work
your magic!! I can't wait for the following issues, so get them done as
soon as you can!!

Thanks again,

Hi Motoman, I see your site on superbike club and I find it really
professional. Its really fun to have a canadien site of roadracing .
I see your gallery pics, really cool, I see a
lot of person i know.

Thanks Man !!
Carl Fleury #76
I hope you understand all I say, I'm French

Motoman !

Your Power Newsletters rock, keep up the good work!!!

ACT, Australia

MotoMan -
Just wanted to thank you for putting my picture on your site, its a blast
to see.

PS Eddy Brunet the manager of Diablo performance racing, Michael Leon the
pro racer on the team and I will be traveling to Willow springs for a winter
of racing in the sun. If you want updates or first hand accounts of the
races I would be happy to provide you with them.

Richard Italia

Hey MotoMan ! 
It's awesome to see somebody so adamant about advertising the sport. Keep up the sweet work. If I can help let me know.

Take it easy. Adios!
Nonhof #958

Holy crap!!  That is so cool that you put my picture of my van on the site!  I wish I would have found the site sooner.  When you gave me some cards back at Road America, I gave them out and I didn't have any left for myself.  I thought the site was MOTOTUNE.COM thats why I never could find it.  I gave out alot of the cards that you gave me at blackhawk farms today.  I've got the pic of me at gateway last year for my wallpaper now.  REALLY GOOD PICTURE!  The main site I go on is http://www.miltonave.com  its a "cruising" website from Janesville WI.  My friend is the web master.  check it out.

Timmmy CCS #30

Nice website !  I thought it was pretty cool to find a picture of
me on it from St. Louis last year. Keep it up, we all appreciate it.

-Chris Watts- CCS #760

-Mark Conard

Fantastic site MotoMan, this is a great way to stay close to the sport through a cold
mid-western winter. keep giving us the info, and definitely keep the pictures
coming !!!! thanks for the great links also, some of your links have helped my
program succeed to great heights. 

This is Dave Rosno's web-site
http://www.team-visionsports.com  so check it out
when you make time!!!!

- Patrick "P.J." Thornton #55 CCS Mid American Am.


TRAVIS HOPPE  #202 CCS Mid Am Amateur

All the pix on Mototune USA are 100 % free !   Here's a real cool one of you at Blackhawk: http://www.mototuneusa.com/travis_hoppe_lonny_michels_joe_wascow.htm

I wish you luck with the sponsors !

Dear Motoman:
I have been an avid reader of MototuneUSA for almost a year now. I
sincerely enjoy the information and the presentation style of your website.

Edward Paulsen

Thanks Ed !

Keep up the good work - the site is awesome !!!

- Chris & Becky Lyngkilde

Thanks Chris & Becky !

MotoMan your just plain SICK! I get a kick out lookin at some of the chic pic's. 
May next year bring lots of $$$ and HP! 

- Shane Clarke #119 AMA

Thanks Shane... you're kinda sick too ! 

The site is lookin real good !

- Darin Sewell

Thanx Darin !

Go For It !! Tuna Story
What a cool story, gotta show my kids !! 
Keep dreaming and shoot for the top. 

- Dave 
  BC Canada

I`ve gotta know how you made the R6 so quick. Is Mototune solely responsible?

- Chris Kearns

Well, I'd say that weekend was the inspiration for starting this website. Mototune built the motor, but it was really the cooperation of lot's of people that kept it tuned and running so well all week. You'll learn all our speed secrets in the Power Newsletter.

In the last race of the day, on Sunday Sept. 24th, at Blackhawk Farms Raceway, my brother was involved in an accident-#97 expert Garth Cloyd. I would like to say thanks to: The Cornerworkers, EMT's, and the dudes in the helicopter. 

Special thanks to Matt Heberling and John Wendl, who on their own time, spent  many hours watching over him and taking care of his race bike etc. 

Please  find a way to say "thank you" to these two fine racers. 

Thank You MotoMan, for the  great CCS coverage!! Garth is doing fine now, and needs sponsors and a 2001  GSXR600 for next year !!

- Jeff Cloyd

Wow.... hate to hear about someone getting hurt. It's nice to hear how it turned out though. That's a cool story. Thanx for the support Jeff !

Do you have any photos of amateur rider # 41, Daniel Bilansky? 
Road America, Blackhawk and St. Louis tracks. 

- George Bilansky

Here's one of Dan at Blackhawk: http://www.mototuneusa.com/chris_weeden_leads_dan_bilansky.htm


Cool website!! Better than the CCS site will ever be.
Maybe they should hire you to run theirs.
Love the photos. Do you have any more of me???
MototuneUSA Rules---------Update Me !!!!!

-Lonny Michels CCS Mid-Am Amateur#747

I just wanted to give you a huge thanks from myself as well as the rest of 
the W3 Racing team for all the help throughout the year. Thanks for suspension 
help, tuning suggestions, and promoting us as well as the sport of roadracing. I can't 
tell you enough times how great the site and all the pictures are!!!!

Incredible work MotoMan. I hope W3 can help contribute to the site...and we can work together in the offseason to promote the sport and make the website an even bigger hit. 

Brent Wyffels 
CCS Mid-American Superbike Champion - Middleweight & Heavyweight 
W3 Racing 
# 724 

d-Aces Dan Urban's Wheeeellieeee 
That pic in your WILD section, of Dan Urban, doing that gas tank wheelie----put mildly, is insane. But I gotta tell ya, it makes me a little jealous. I was the other nut that was there on the red TL1000s. I would really love to see a pic of me on there if you got any. I have a lot of buddies that visit this web site and they are giving me a lot of slack 'cause I'm not there ( I know I should stop my wining, but hey). If you can help me shut them up it would be greatly appreciated.  Also check out our website,
http://www.d-aces.com it's only partially done but there is much more to come soon. 

 - Cory Kufahl


  AM # 420

Hey MotoMan your website rocks. Your just what this sport needs. It's so 
cool going on your website after a race weekend and seeing our pictures. 
Thanks for making our sport grow. I'm telling everyone about your site. Keep 
up the good work. 

- Jason Feyereisen CCS Mid Am. Amateur #990

Let me start by saying your site is sweet. I am so glad to see something 
besides the bogus pics that CCS throws together on the net. I am a amateur 
racer myself and I love to see coverage of the mid west because we don't 
get in any of the mags or on any other sites so keep up the good work and I 
will keep referring people to check it out. 

- REESE AM # 888 CCS Mid Am. 

Can you give me some hints about the ZX6-R speed-up? 
I'm racing with it on the track here in Holland. 
Hans Meijaard 

Hi MotoMan,
I just found your website with the St. Louis photo's posted on it. I was wondering if 
you would have more, that you might possibly be interested in selling. I was #10 novice (on a blue SV 650). You have one photo of me posted on there, and I was wondering if you would have more that you would like to sell. I would be interested in 3x5 prints or whatever. 

I would also like to ask permission to use your images on my website(with appropriate credit, and link to your site) if I may. 
Please let me know, and thank you for your time.

- Mark W. Cook
 Anesthesia Racing


The pic of Jason and I is perfect. That race at Gateway is the most exciting race I have had this season. Jason stuffed me that lap while we were chasing down Kevin Gordon. Jason and I went back and forth most of the race..it is some of the closest racing I have ever done. I attempted to take Jason on the outside in that same turn on the last lap; i unfortunately ran out of track and had to stand it up and run way wide off the track. I managed to keep it up, but it dropped me back to a fifth place finish. Keep up the
great work and photos. Thanks for helping promote the sport. I'll get Jason next time!!!

Brent Wyffels 
W3 Racing 
# 724 


Hi MotoMan,
I saw a bunch of the MototuneUSA website address cards all over the gym we lift at !!  I've heard you say that the best way to jet the carbs is by shimming up the needles, my questions is how far do I shim them ?? 

Thanks in advance.
- Eric Schieble

P.S. Awesome site!!!


Hi MotoMan,
Amateur ''717'' I'm just a kid, and it feels great to have my picture on
your wildass website. Hat's off to you guy's on the website, it's about
time to finally get the attention that the sport undoubtedly deserves.

-Robert Genske #717 CCS MidAm. Amateur


Dear MotoMan, 

I like your website but one addition that I would like to see is the
standings of the CCS riders. I think that a lot of people would be
interested in that. 

- Chad Koning

Ps I like the pics of #724 Brent Wyffels (He's my cousin)


MotoMan, The website is great. The action pics. are getting better and better. The site is exactly the type of advertising the sport of road racing needs. Keep up the great work!!! As the site grows, you may need to start archiving so that people can still view action from previous seasons. I think it is a great idea to add some team shots. See you at Blackhawk.

- Brent Wyffels 
  W3 Racing 
  # 724 


Hi Ya MotoMan,
Checking out your website... it's TIGHT!!!

I'm looking for my pics from gateway. Here's some of the other St. Louis locals if you are trying to put a name with with there pics. Chris Freeman #982 Dave Lacavich #21 (my bro) , Brett Swain #14 and Andy Davis #74. Dave finished the weekend with 3 2nd, and a 3rd. Not bad for spending all Saturday nite swapping motors to race on Sunday !

- Rob Lacavich #950 CCS AM


Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know what a cool website you
have. I think you are doing a great job of giving exposure to the Mid-Am
CCS, especially the amateurs. You have a lot of great pix and info, and I
have become a regular viewer. Thanks and keep up the good work. I just
hope I can get some pictures on your site. (this has been kind of an off
year for me)

- Andrew Wieberdink
  CCS Mid-Am #88 amateur


MotoMan, only you would drive 7 hours to take pictures of amateur road racers for your website, you are really helping the sport. I can't believe you where going to sleep in your car just to take pictures the next day. This website kicks ASS !!!!

We need more people like you to help this sport become more popular!
Thanks for all the great pictures at Blackhawk and St. Louis

Thanks for all your support ! 
- Kevin Tregellas CCS #454 AM


MotoMan! I'm going looking for my pics now. what a great website!

-Rick Breuer CCS #44 EX
http:// www.learningcurves.com 


MotoTuneUSA ROX !!!

This is a great site!! How would one go about getting sponsored by and promote MototuneUSA?

-Erik Krieg
WMRRA #228
OMRRA #228
F-USA # 428

I love the new format especially the Mototune reflection thing and the cool Photoshop effect pic on front page!!!!


I really like your site!
- Becki


Moto Man,

First of all, great site! I'm excited to see my friends (W3 Racing) featured as "The Hot New Talent." I don't race, but I have been up to Blackhawk a couple times for recent races to watch and it's definitely exhilarating even on the sidelines.
Thanks for providing the pics !!

- Jason Morrise


Hi Moto Man,
Do you have any info on how to set up a R6 suspension I'm getting nasty speed wobbles at 140mph most entertaining... 

-Michael Wakefield

Moto Man, I thought I might share another Mototune victory with you. I took 1st overall in the afternoon OMRRA novice race at PIR on June 11th. I've included a pic of me passing an R1 and a ??? moving into the lead at the end of lap 3 (of 7) thru turn 9 at PIR. Wet race but loads of fun. Love the power.

- Brad Hochhalter
  OMRRA # 744


Dear MotoMan,
My name is Brad Hochhalter. Just last week I purchased Gordon Good's '98 ZX-6R w/ that wonderful Mototune engine in it. I used it to great success and with much envy from the other riders in my OMRRA novice class at PIR last weekend. I am still amazed at the number of comments I got from other riders about how hard this engine pulls past them at the end of the straights. This thing is better than the Duracel bunny on the straights...It just keeps going and going and going right past everyone.

WOW! You guys really did an amazing job building that thing. 

Thank You,
Brad Hochhalter
OMRRA # 744

I was home sick from work today (I've had the flu or something all week), and was channel surfing this afternoon when I noticed a bike race on ESPN. After my experience at Mototuneusa, I stopped to watch for a while and noticed it was the Daytona 200! Sorry, but I couldn't pick out any of your 
superbikes without cheating and looking at your webpage though. Just thought it was kind of cool to see it on TV after getting the inside scoop on what went on down there.

- Aric

Great web site! ! Bike racing is under rated here in the states.
The rest of the world takes it seriously. I went and got some information on Learning curves roadrace school. It's worth the $125.00 You probably know there web site but if you don't its
  http:// www.learningcurves.com 
I will seriously try to take a class this summer. If not this summer then next summer. 

I pick my bike up on April 12. I cant wait. 

- Frank



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