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Here are the links to all 27 issues of Power News. 
For best results, please take your time and read them all.

Power News

27 Innovative Kawasaki Superbike Technology

26 Circular Logic
Plus: "Break-In Secrets"  Part 5

25 The Need For Speed
Plus: "Break-In Secrets"  Part 4

24  The Suzuki Factory Superbike
Plus: "Break In Secrets" Part 3

23 Future Horsepower 
(Where Does It Come From ??)
Plus: "Break In Secrets" Part 2
Power News
Power News

22 Success Stories & Exhaust Porting

21 Super Sonic Nozzle (Porting Part 4)

20 The 2007 Superbike ! (Porting Part 3 )

19 Homework:  How To "Hi Velocity Port" 
Your Own Cylinder Head ( Part 2 )
Power News
Power News

18 Think Fast: Understanding Intake Porting 
(Part One) 

17 The 8 Phase Motor: How Does a 4 Stroke 
Really Work ??

16 Dynamic Horsepower

15 Dynamic (Advanced) Aerodynamics 
(What's Wrong With Eric Bostrom's Superbike)
Power News
Power News

14 Harley Davidson Horsepower

13 Tool Tricks 

12 How To Clean Up At Whatever You Do

11 Break In Secrets 
Power News
Power News

10 The Yamaha R6 Factory Beater

9 Tip Over Switch  Warning !! 

8 Brake Tricks

7 Super Glue Trick 
Power News
Power News

6 Ten Free Horsepower

5 Two "Free" Horsepower 

4 How To Blow Up An Engine

3 Damaged Allen Bolt Removal

Plus The 2 Articles That Started It All:

2 The World's First Wins For The Yamaha R6 -- 
172 MPH AMA (USA) Supersport Legal.

1 The World's First Internet Engine Teardown !


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